Modern Languages

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The Modern Languages Syllabus focuses on developing students’ ability to communicate in two of the languages in use in the Caribbean region. As students develop the competence to listen, speak, read and write in French and Spanish and interpret aspects of the culture in which the languages are embedded, they acquire the means to facilitate deeper interaction with our Caribbean neighbours.

The syllabus is organised around three main concepts: Functions and Notions, Settings and Topics and Grammar and Lexis. In the syllabus, emphasis is placed on the student’s ability to use the target language in a functional way. Therefore, the basic functions needed for communication are identified. Functions, however, are performed in particular contexts and, therefore, the settings in which the functions are likely to be performed are identified.

This approach used in organising the syllabus seeks to shift attention away from a purely structural approach to a more communicative one. It is expected that students following this syllabus will be able to carry out these functions in the target language based on the following topics – Home and Family, School and Career, Sports and Recreation, Daily Routines, Shopping and Travel.

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