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Tourism comprises the activities of persons travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one year for leisure, business and other purposes.

Tourism is the biggest employer in the region. Consequently, the human resource development in the area of tourism is integral to the economic growth and development of Caribbean tourism and the Caribbean. People with quality education and training will improve, enhance and ensure the economic viability and sustainability of Caribbean tourism. Significant opportunities exist in tourism for governments, communities, private sector organisations, non–governmental organisations and young entrepreneurs to participate and collaborate for national development.

Students pursuing this subject will benefit from exposure to the concepts and principles of tourism and their practical application to the business environment. This area of study will also equip students to think logically and critically, as well as enhance their human relation skills.

The Tourism Syllabus consists of two Units comprising three Modules each.

Unit 1: Tourism Concepts

Module 1 Concepts and Issues
Module 2 Linkages with Key Sectors
Module 3 Sustainable Tourism

Unit 2: Tourism Product Development and Marketing

Module 1 Product Development
Module 2 Marketing
Module 3 Entrepreneurship