Update on CXC®- Jamaica Bilateral Discussions

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – The Caribbean Examinations Council® (CXC®) today, subsequent to the decision of the Council for Human and Social Development (COHSOD) – Education of 8 May 2020, convened the second in a series of bilateral discussions including COHSOD Education, CXC© and Jamaica. The meeting addressed the concerns raised by Jamaica in relation to the impact of COVID-19 on the administration of examinations. Specifically, concerns in respect of the logistical challenges faced by the country within the context of public health policy were discussed.

The meeting made significant progress towards an amicable resolution to the challenges. These deliberations will be concluded early next week, at which time the agreed position will be communicated.

CXC© remains committed to ensuring that the regional examinations are accessible to all and for the mutual benefit of our students, parents, school administration and all other stakeholders.

For further information kindly contact us at +1 (246) 227-1700 or email cxcezo@cxc.org (Barbados), or for queries in Jamaica at + 1 (876) 630-5200 or email: cxcwzo@cxc.org