The Caribbean Examinations Council, (CXC) from time to time may require the services of specialist consultants to address specific business and project requirements.

CXC has provided consultancy to Ministries of Education, regional and international agencies in the following areas:

  • Fundamentals of educational assessment
  • Item writing and item bank development
  • Articulation of the lower secondary school curriculum with CXC syllabuses
  • Curriculum and logistical support (provided via WZO to Saba)

The CXC syllabuses are used as the main resource for curricula design at the upper secondary and post-CSEC levels. With the expertise at its disposal, CXC is well placed to work with ministries of education to develop programmes that will enable a smooth transition from one level to another within the education system.

The services that CXC can provide in syllabus development include those listed below.

  • Development of syllabuses for academic and technical subjects.
  • Development of skills-based programmes.
  • Articulation of curricula, from one level to another
  • Development of resource materials for teachers and students.
  • Development of self-study materials.
  • Evaluation of students at various levels.
  • Design of a variety of assessment instruments.
  • Developing tests for various specifications.
  • Constructing and using rubrics.
  • Development of item bank.
  • Continuous Assessment – preparation of tasks, conduct of assessment and training of persons to do continuous assessment.
  • Reporting student achievement.
  • Supervising persons on ‘attachments’ to CXC.
  • Design of assessment programmes.
  • Scoring and grading examinees work in large-scale assessment programmes.
  • Evaluation of education programmes.