During 2016 a number of organisational changes took place where qualified staff were promoted or re-assigned to fill various internal vacancies.


Mr Wayne Morgan
Administrative Assistant –
Compensation & Benefits (HR)
1 March

Ms Kath-Ema Armstrong
Records Supervisor (ARMU)
1 March

Mr Alton McPherson
Assistant Registrar – Coordinator (EDPD)
14 Aprila

Ms Heather Sobers
Administrative Assistant – Item Bank (EDPD)
16 September

Mrs Brendalee Cato
Assistant Registrar – Coordinator (EDPD)
6 October


The Council honoured the following long-service staff members in 2016 for their dedication and commitment:

5 Years

  • Ms Antonya Taylor

10 Years

  • Mrs Benita Byer-Bowen
  • Mr Keone James
  • Mrs Karen Hamilton
  • Ms Michelle Graham
  • Ms Juliette Taylor

15 Years

  • Mr Wayne Morgan
  • Ms Cyndra Ramsundar
  • Dr Yolande Wright

20 Years

  • Ms Anita Sealy
  • Mrs Cecile Gray-Wedderburn
  • Ms Sherry Brathwaite
  • Ms Marjorie Lewis

25 Years

  • Ms Anette Quimby
  • Mr Carson Darlington
  • Ms Andrea Gooding
  • Mrs Sharon Cameron-Brown

35 Years

  • Ms Margaret Nurse

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