Eighty-nine per cent of entries achieved acceptable grades: 13.91 per cent of the entries achieved Grade I; 18.53 per cent achieved Grade II; 21.94 per cent Grade III; 19.46 achieved Grade IV and 15.92 per cent achieved Grade V.

Unit entries increased from 108,379 last year to 109,880 entries this year.

Candidates’ entries increased to 28,043 compared with 27,596 candidates in 2011

Work on the development of six new syllabuses - Agricultural Science, Digital Media, Entrepreneurship, Tourism, Performing Arts and Physical Education and Sport, is progressing well. The first drafts of the syllabuses were sent to subject specialists for comment in November 2012. The second drafts along with the specimen examination papers, keys and mark schemes will be submitted to SUBSEC for approval in April 2013.

The Sociology syllabus was revised and will be sent to schools in 2013 for first examinations in 2014.

The Electrical and Electronic Technology syllabus is under review. One major proposed change resulting from the review is the renaming of the subject; from Electrical and Electronic Technology to Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology.