Enquiries about Registration

Enquiries about Registration

Q: When does registration for CSEC and CAPE sittings take place?

A: The CXC Local Registrar in each territory determines the opening and closing dates for registration. You should contact the CXC Local Registrar to ascertain the relevant dates.

Q: I understand that CXC has a web-based system used for the registration of candidates. Can I go online and register directly with CXC?

A: No. In order for candidates to enter examinations offered by the CXC, they must go through a registered examination centre.

Q: My brother is blind and is interested in writing examinations. Would he be able to enter for CSEC examinations?

A: Yes. CXC makes provision for candidates with various challenges such vision, hearing and dyslexia. You should contact the Principal of the school, Head of the examination centre or the CXC Local Registrar about the required procedures to follow.

Q: Which name should be used when registering for an examination?

A: If candidates are registering for the first time for any of the Council’s examinations, the name given on the birth certificate should be used. If candidates have written any of the Council’s examinations before, the name used at the earlier registration session should be used.

Q: I was registered for five subjects by my school. How do I find out if the data keyed into the registration system were accurate?

A: You can confirm the accuracy of the data keyed by asking your teacher or principal to provide you with a copy of the ‘Subject Registered’ Report out of the ORS. You should also obtain from your teacher or principal, your centre number and candidate number so that you can visit the student portal to verify the accuracy of the data.

Q: What is the web address of the student portal?

A: The web address is https://ors.cxc.org/studentportal/

Q: I want to log onto the student portal but only know my candidate number. The student portal asks for the centre number; how can I find out the centre number?

A: The centre number consists of digits 1 to 6 of the 10-digit candidate number. For example, if a candidate number is 0309991254, the centre number would be 030999.

Q: Is there a difference between the registration number and the candidate number?

A: No.

Q: Is there a difference between the candidate number and the unique candidate number?

A: Yes. A candidate may be assigned a different candidate number from one sitting to another. The candidate will be assigned only one unique candidate number during his/her lifetime relationship with the Council. The candidate number should be used in the examination room whereas the unique candidate number should be used when registering for examinations in the future.

Q: My school does not offer a particular subject on its curriculum; can I register for that subject at another centre?

A: Yes. The Council’s regulations make provision for candidates to register at more than one centre during a single examination sitting.

Q: Can I register to write CSEC subjects and CAPE subjects at the same sitting?

A: Yes. You are advised however, to check the master timetables on the website to avoid any clashes on your timetables.

Q: I have two subjects scheduled in the morning of the same day. Can I write both subjects?

A: Yes. The Council’s regulations make provision for candidates to write both subjects provided the subjects are those offered by the Council. You should bring the clash to the attention of the Principal of the school, the Head of the examination centre or the CXC Local Registrar in your territory for a resolution.

Q: Is there an age limit for entering CSEC or CAPE examinations?

A: No. Learners of all ages may enter the CSEC or CAPE program.

Q: Do I have to register for the CAPE Diploma Program?

A: No. The CAPE Diploma will be awarded automatically to all candidates who obtain acceptable grades in six Units including Communication Studies.

Q: Do I have to register for the CAPE Associate Degree Program?

A: Yes. You must indicate the choice of Associate Degree when you are registering for the tenth Unit. The ten Units must include Communication Studies and Caribbean Studies.

Q: I qualified for an Associate Degree but did not register for it. How can I get the Associate Degree?

A: You will be allowed to register for the Associate Degree on the payment of a late registration fee of BDS$150.

Q: I registered for examinations at the January CSEC sitting but was unable to write the examinations because of sickness. Can I get the registration transferred or rolled over to the CSEC May-June sitting?

A: No, examination registration is not transferrable across sittings. You must be re-registered at the May-June sitting.

Q: My son did not write one of the papers of the Biology examination because of illness. Is he eligible for a grade?

A: A written report on the appropriate form – EXA 52 Request for Compassionate Consideration – must be completed and sent by the school or centre to the CXC Local Registrar by the specified deadline for transmission to the Council. Consideration may be given to the award of an Assessed Grade depending on the circumstances of the case. If the candidate was absent for a major paper, for example the Paper 2, it is unlikely that he would be eligible for the award of an Assessed Grade.

Q: I am the Principal of a school, should I follow the official deadline dates published by CXC or those given by the CXC Local Registrar in my territory?

A: You should follow the deadlines given by the CXC Local Registrar. These deadlines are usually earlier than the ones set by CXC.

Q: How many unsuccessful login attempts does the Online Registration System (ORS) allow?

A: The ORS allows three unsuccessful attempts before a user’s account is disabled.

Q: My login account to the Online Registration System (ORS) has been disabled. How do I get it activated?

A: You should contact the ORS Administrator of your school or centre to have the account activated. Likewise, if you are an Administrator, you should contact the CXC Local Registrar.

Q: My name is spelt incorrectly on my timetable. What should I do?

A: You should bring it immediately to the attention of the Principal of the school or the Head of the examination centre.

Q: I have misplaced my candidate timetable. Will CXC issue another one?

A: No. CXC does not issue duplicated timetables. You should inform the Principal of the school or the Head of the examination centre so that they can, on the day of the examination, verify you as a bona fide candidate to the Examination Supervisor.

Q: What is meant by a candidate transferring his/her SBA marks from one Unit to another?

A: A candidate can opt to transfer his/her SBA marks from one Unit to another in seven (7) selective CAPE subjects: Economics, Geography, History, Law, Literatures in English, Management of Business and Sociology. For example, if a candidate registers for History Units 1 and 2, he/she may opt to write the SBA in Unit 1 and use the same SBA marks for Unit 2. The reverse is also allowed where the candidate submits the SBA for Unit 2 and uses the SBA marks for the Unit 1 examination. The candidate must be registered for the Transfer option in the Unit where the SBA marks will go.

Q: When I registered for CSEC examinations I was provided with a username and password by CXC for use on the student portal. What is the benefit of using the login?

A: Candidates will have access to Microsoft applications Word, Excel and Access on a cloud platform. There are timetable calendar entries that can be incorporated into the candidate’s personal calendar. Candidates can also communicate with one another by email.

Q: How long will the CXC login to the student portal last for the May-June sitting?

A: Candidates will be able to login to the student portal until the end of August.

Q: How can I obtain a username and password for use on the student portal?

A: You can ask the Principal of the school or the Head of the centre for a copy of the ‘Subjects Registered Report’. The login details are on that report. Alternatively, you can access the student portal using your candidate number and centre number. The Subjects Registered Report is available on the portal.

The address is active until the end of August and allows the candidates to utilize messaging and calendar services. We have created timetable calendar entries on the candidates’ portal that can be incorporated in personal calendars. Also being created are centre groups for ease of communication. This facility may also be used for broadcast messaging and distribution of results when available. Note, in addition to e-mail, MS Word, Excel and Access application are also available to all the candidates as a cloud service. For future consideration we have options to enable Lync and SharePoint but this needs to be further reviewed.