Our Divisions

Syllabus and Curriculum

CXC® employs a consultative process for syllabus development. Under the guidance of syllabus officers, subject panels prepare syllabuses for all subjects examined by CXC®. The staff members responsible for these … Learn More →

Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Services Division was restructured in 2020 to better service the strategic operations of the Council.  To ensure better alignment to the Digital Transformation started, the operations of … Learn More →

Human Resources

The Human Resource Division aims to support and facilitate achievement of all the strategic goals of the Caribbean Examinations Council. In support of the Council’s mission, the HR Division seeks … Learn More →

Finance and Office Management

The Finance and Office Management Division was created in 2009 as the result of a merger of the Finance Division (FIN) and the Secretariat and Office Management Division (SOM). First … Learn More →

Examinations Development and Production

The Examinations Development and Production Division was first established as the Test Research and Development Division on 1 August, 1975, with primary responsibility for preparing tests, student handbooks and supervisors … Learn More →

Examinations Administration and Security

The Examinations Administration and Security Division deals with the delivery of examination papers and material; administration of CXC® examinations; marking of scripts; data entry; processing and release of results; and … Learn More →

Corporate Planning and Strategy Management Unit (CPSM) 

CXC being mindful of the complex ecosystem in which it operates, formed the Corporate Planning and Strategy Management Unit (CPSM) in 2020 that consist of the Senior Manager, Quality Manager, … Learn More →

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