Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Services Division was restructured in 2020 to better service the strategic operations of the Council.  To ensure better alignment to the Digital Transformation started, the operations of the Information Systems Department were segmented as follows:

  • Information Technology Operations: Responsible for Infrastructure, Data Management, Security and End-User Support
  • Enterprise Solutions and Application Development: Responsible for Process Design, Application Development, Platform Maintenance and Business Solutions
  • Archives and Records and Information Management: Responsible for the Management of operational Records and the Development and Maintenance of the CXC Archival Collection.

The Division supports the improved operations of the Council through efficient delivery of ICT and RIM as mandated in strategic plan.  The ultimate goal being to improve the level of services delivered to the Regional Education Eco-System.

The principle officers within the Division:

Mr. Rodney Payne Director, Technological Innovation
Mr. Nicholas Rock Senior Manager, IT Operations
Mr. Mark Wilson Senior Manager, Enterprise Solution