The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) is a regional examining body that provides examinations for secondary and post-secondary candidates in Caribbean countries.

CXC offers a wide range of subjects in academic, technical and vocational areas for candidates of varying ages, abilities and interests from the English-speaking Caribbean and the Netherlands Antilles and Suriname.

Syllabuses for CXC examinations are developed by Caribbean educators who work in sixth form schools, community, state and teacher-training colleges and universities. Specialists from the private sector, commerce and industry are also consulted to ensure relevance.  CXC has established itself regionally and internationally as an examination body that adheres to high standards in syllabus development, examination administration and marking, and in the details of the certification that it provides.

In addition to providing examinations and certification for secondary and post-secondary candidates, CXC uses its in-house expertise and technologies to provide technical assistance and consultancy services to both the public and private sectors across the region. These services include: the development of syllabuses; preparation and administration of national examinations; training in school-based assessment; item writing and other aspects of measurement and evaluation; analysis and preparation of reports of students’ performance; preparation of resource materials.

The Council’s work is carried out through the Administrative and Finance Committee (AFC), the Schools Examinations Committee (SEC) and its Sub-committee (SUBSEC).

The Council employs a small permanent core staff in addition to seasonal or part-time workers who work during examination administration periods. Resource persons drawn from various disciplines across the region, work with the staff in developing syllabuses, preparing examinations and marking scripts.

The Council’s Administrative Office or Headquarters is located in Barbados in the Eastern Zone, and the Western Zone office is located in Jamaica.

Our mission is to develop the human capital of our Caribbean people through partnerships for global competitiveness.