New Development Priorities

CXC® has embarked on several reforms for improving its services and products that it offers to the region:

An e-Transition Framework which delivers e-products and e-services for all of CXC® major products and services. This includes e-learning, e-certifications, e-transcripts, e-testing and e-question banks. CXC® will adopt Surpass Live as its secure end-to-end high stakes assessment management software platform

A new Research and Innovation Ecosystem which facilitates management of partnerships that encourage dashboard access to inter-agency big, meta and micro data access and sharing arrangements to support planning, decision making and improvement. This will improve efficiency of access to CXC® data by all stakeholders.

A new qualifications structure that maps and aligns its qualifications and awards to 10 CARICOM qualifications levels with 5 learner competency domain areas. This assures learners that they will receive relevant, validated and quality certifications with the future-proof competencies and skills for the new society

A new qualifications and awards management system for innovative design, development, monitoring and review of CXC® qualifications and awards. All existing and new qualifications are being revised to ensure new flexible forms of credentialing pathways

A Reformed Learning Institute for offering competency-based credentialing courses for teachers and educators with innovation system for teaching and learning. This includes an Open Education Resources Platform called the Learning Hub that facilitates teacher resource acquisition and usage.