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Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services CXC has been providing consultancy services to ministries of education, regional and international agencies for many years. With its abundance of in-house specialists and an extensive circle of … Learn More →

Information Technology

Information Technology The Information Systems Division handles all the technology requirements of the Council. Over the last five years, ISD has worked to move CXC ® to an IT-intelligent organization. … Learn More →

Examinations Development and Production

Examinations Development and Production The Examinations Development and Production Division (EDPD) is responsible for the development of all the examination papers for CXC ® suite of qualification. The Division does … Learn More →

Syllabus and Curriculum Development

Syllabus and Curriculum Development The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) has over 35 years’ experience in syllabus and curriculum development. The syllabus provides the blueprint for all CXC examinations and under … Learn More →

Examinations Administration

Examinations Administration The Examinations Administration and Security Division (EAS) of CXC manages the delivery of examination papers and other examination materials, the administration of examinations, the marking of scripts, data … Learn More →

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