CAPE Recognition

CAPE Recognition



UK National Academic Recognition Information Centre (UK NARIC)

From as early as 1999, the UK NARIC conducted an assessment of CAPE and agreed that the qualification is of the highest standard. Here are excerpts from Christopher West, Head of UK NARIC:

“I have been impressed by the structure and content of the CAPE and in particular the flexibility to offer various combinations of breadth and depth. The inclusion of core courses is also helpful in preparing students for higher education in an international context.

In examining the syllabus content and duration of CAPE courses, we have concluded that the qualifications resulting from two-subject courses are comparable to GCE Advanced level i.e. in the following subjects: Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, French, History, Literatures in English, Mathematics, Physics and Spanish and should be acceptable entry qualifications for single subject degrees in these subjects (with the caveat that entrance grades will vary).

We will be pleased to commend CAPE as a higher education entry qualification to UK higher education institutions and to present its full flexibility. Our objective would be to ensure that CAPE is well understood by the full range of admissions tutors so that students with CAPE qualification will maximise their personal benefits from UK higher education.”


UCAS-International Qualifications booklet 2015 states that the Caribbean Examinations Council, Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) is “acceptable at the two-Unit level in lieu of GCE A’ Levels on a subject for subject basis.

UK NARIC has advised UK universities that six CAPE units will be accepted.

UCAS-International Qualifications booklet 2015

University of the West Indies and University of Guyana
The University of the West Indies and the University of Guyana have approved that:

– Six Units including two single-unit courses, Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies, be accepted for normal matriculation.

– Candidates who have passed two 2-Unit courses in a single area fall within the two A’ level matriculation standing.

Association of Indian Universities
The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) has granted equivalence to CAPE with a minimum of five subjects with +2 stage qualification of an Indian board.

Candidates having passed CAPE are eligible to join conventional degree programmes at Indian universities.

Saint Mary’s University
Saint Mary’s University (SMU) located in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada has granted equivalence to CAPE units. Students may receive 6 credit hours of advanced standing for select CAPE courses, if they achieve grades of I, II or III.

Equivalency Chart

World Education Services
“World Education Services (WES) equates the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE®) [with] 8 undergraduate credits in the US and Canada for each subject passed at both the 1-unit and 2-unit levels.”