Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

Conflict of Interest Guidelines for Resource Persons

On April 20, 2010, a conflict of interest policy for resource persons was adopted by CXC’s Administrative and Finance Committee.  This policy will ensure that persons affiliated with CXC® perform their duties in an unbiased manner, with the highest integrity, free of suspicion, and fair and impartial.  Further, the policy will assist CXC® in the management of conflict of interest situations before they arise or when they become known.

Under this new policy, resource persons who are aware, or have reasonable grounds to believe, that actual or potential conflicts of interest exist will be required to disclose them to CXC using the Statement of Compliance and Disclosure form.  Persons who have been, or are, involved in the production of published materials are especially encouraged to take note of the guidelines. CXC® expects that resource persons will fully comply with this policy, including all requirements for disclosure.

Full details on this policy are included in Section 9 of CXC’s Intellectual Property Policy.

CXC® is aware that the value of its intellectual property (IP) and its potential for providing opportunities for future profit may have been underestimated in the past. However, there is now greater appreciation that IP can become a valuable asset when it is properly protected and leveraged, and where there is demand for IPprotected products and/or services.

CXC’s Intellectual Property Policy governs the ownership, management and use of IP whether owned and/or generated at, for, or by CXC, its staff, resource persons and students, and establishes guidelines for publishing arrangements, as well as other critical components of CXC’s IP strategy.

Specifically, the Policy:

  • covers all types of IP with special attention being given to trade marks and copyright works based on CXC’s current IP portfolio;
  • provides conflicts of interest guidelines for resource persons;
  • extends to agreements involving the creation, use, ownership and/or commercialisation of IP entered into by the Council with its staff as well as with external parties;
  • applies to IP generated by the CXC’s staff as well as by resource persons and students.

This Policy, along with its attendant procedures and guidelines, supersedes all previous practices or guidelines operating in any arm of CXC in relation to IP. Accordingly, such previous practices or guidelines shall cease to have effect to the extent that they are inconsistent with this new policy.

This Policy should be construed in accordance with the laws of the respective Participating Territory in which it is being implemented SAVE AND EXCEPT THAT in the case of a multi/cross-jurisdictional conflict or an adverse interpretation, the Laws of Barbados will be the governing laws of this Policy.

Trade marks

In order to protect its name and those of its products and/or services, CXC registered several trade marks in 2005 in the United Kingdom and other countries.  CXC therefore asserts ownership over its name and any other mark, logo, seal, design, symbol, internet domain name or any combination of these, which have come to be associated with CXC, specifically the following which constitute its registered trade marks:

  • Caribbean Examinations Council®
  • Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate®
  • Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination®
  • Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence®
  • CXC®

Please note that trade mark law is designed to protect consumers from confusion regarding the source or origin of products and/or services. CXC is therefore required to monitor all uses of its trade marks in order to comply with, and assure protection under, trade mark law. CXC also reserves the right to object to unfair uses, infringements, unauthorised use or other violations of its IP rights.  Section 8 of CXC’s Intellectual Property Policy provides further information on CXC’s trade marks as well as guidelines on their proper use.


Intellectual Property Policy