Dr Eduardo R. Ali

Pro-Registrar and Deputy CEO

Dr Eduardo Ali is Pro-Registrar and Deputy CEO of CXC®. He leads and strategically manages the Western Zone Office in Jamaica and the Research and Educational Development Division which focuses on educational transformation, qualifications management, innovative professional learning awards, summits and conferences and regional and international alliances and partnerships.

Dr Ali’s 30-year career has positioned him in influential roles in the Caribbean, North America, and the Middle East within the field of human capital development and education. He held C-suite positions in government and private sector organizations in the Caribbean and universities in the United Arab Emirates. As Programme Manager, Human Resource Development at the CARICOM Secretariat, Dr Ali led the development of several regional education policies and the CARICOM HRD 2030 Strategy project. He held senior roles within The University of the West Indies, the Council of Legal Education and private educational institutions. Dr Ali has strategically engaged regional research and education networks and CARICOM, United Nations and Commonwealth development projects for 2 decades.

A Commonwealth and Fulbright Scholar, Dr Ali holds a Doctorate in Education in Educational Policy Studies and a MSc in Educational Leadership having studied at the Universities of the West Indies, British Columbia, Sheffield and Leicester. He has taught graduate students education policy, planning and globalization, and published over 30 academic and professional papers in the fields of educational policy, reform, quality assurance and leadership.