Art and Design

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Art and Design offers a significant introduction to observation, research, production, cultural studies, aesthetics and art criticism that are embodied in a wide range of disciplines such as the Humanities, Science, Engineering, and Information and Communication Technologies. The verbal and visual characteristics of this course aids in the development of cognitive, psycho-motor and attitudinal skills. It provides a solid foundation for the development of knowledge and skills necessary for careers in creative production, marketing, commercial enterprise and manufacturing industries, as well as a variety of aesthetic enterprises. It also provides candidates with the observational skills relevant to a wide range of occupational areas and fields of study especially Law, Criminology and Medicine. In addition, it aims to prepare Caribbean students to respect their environment and live harmoniously in their communities.

The syllabus is divided into two Units. Each Unit consists of three Modules.

Unit 1: Foundations of Art and Design

Module 1 Cultural Studies
Module 2 Two-Dimensional Art and Design
Module 3 Three-Dimensional Art and Design

Unit 2: Applications of Art and Design

Module 1 Design
Module 2 Applied Arts
Module 3 Creative Projects