The Caribbean is a linguistically diverse region. The development of communicative competence in Caribbean Standard English (CSE) enables citizens to function nationally, regionally and internationally.

For students to negotiate successfully the environment in which they work and play, it is critical that they develop language skills that will help them to understand what they listen to, view and read, and to respond effectively in speech, writing and other expressive media.

Students must be exposed to language activities which allow them to communicate confidently and effectively in a variety of settings and situations. These activities will also allow them to explore social, cultural and moral values and appreciate the aesthetic appeal and power of language.

The course covered by this syllabus is designed to encourage a wide range of teaching strategies. It takes full account of the varied learning styles of students and recognises the value of catering to multiple intelligences. The syllabus emphasises the acquisition of communicative skills and is conducted in a student-centred, activity-based environment which makes use of students’ experiences and simulates real life situations for the practice of the language. The programme stresses careful attention to the processes involved in the development of the language skills and provides scope for integration across the curriculum.

In the Caribbean language context, the development of proficiency in the use of CSE is critical for personal, social and intellectual advancement. However, this course of study also seeks to help students to appreciate when and where it is appropriate to use the native language varieties while it aims to develop their competence in their use of the Standard.

The syllabus is arranged in five modules namely:

MODULE 1 WELCOME TO MY WORLD Communicating Personal Information
MODULE 2 SEARCHING AND SHARING Accessing and Presenting Information
MODULE 3 SPEAKING UP AND SPEAKING OUT Convincing and Informing Through Speech and Language
MODULE 4 WINDOWS TO OUR WORLD Language for Understanding and Using the Media
MODULE 5 EXPLORING NEW FRONTIERS Communicating in the Work Environment