Environmental Science

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Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary branch of science that deals with the interactions among physical, chemical, and biological components of the environment. The subject employs qualitative and quantitative approaches to the study of environmental systems. The CAPE Environmental Science Syllabus provides opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and skills to identify, prevent and solve problems and prepares them for careers in diverse fields related to environmental management and to sustainable development of the Caribbean Region. The aims of the syllabus include development of an understanding of the interdisciplinary and holistic nature of the environment and the interactions between people and the environment.

The subject is organised in two Units. A Unit comprises three Modules.

UNIT 1: Ecology, Human Population and Natural Resources

Module 1 Fundamental Ecological Principles
Module 2 Human Population and the Environment
Module 3 Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

UNIT 2: Agriculture, Energy and Environmental Pollution

Module 1 Agriculture and the Environment
Module 2 Energy and the Environment
Module 3 Energy and the Environment

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