Home Economics


Home Economics is an interdisciplinary field of study that comprises three major options: Family and Resource Management; Textiles, Clothing and Fashion; and Food, Nutrition and Health.

Students pursuing this syllabus will develop competencies in an appropriate mix of knowledge, skills and abilities. The syllabus is geared towards helping learners matriculate to higher learning, sustain lifelong learning, integrate readily and attain employment in industry in a wide variety of careers in Family Support Services, Health Sector Food and Hospitality industries, Fashion and Interior Design.

This field of study incorporates competencies and experiences which are responsive to the Caribbean context of vulnerability to natural disasters, food insecurity, and instability in family life and lifestyle diseases. Additionally, the availability of a variety of materials which can be transformed into products that contribute to economic growth and sustainability underscores the need for this syllabus.

Home Economics is offered for examination as three options:

  • Family and Resource Management
  • Textiles, Clothing and Fashion
  • Food, Nutrition and Health

Each option is organised in seven sections and provides articulation into tertiary level education programmes, which allow students to acquire skills for advanced learning and for industry and business.

SECTION 1 The Family Fibres, Yarns and Fabrics Diet and Health
SECTION 2 Principles of Management Textiles colouring and finishing Nutrition and Health
SECTION 3 Managing Family Resources Care and maintenance of textile products Meal Planning
SECTION 4 Consumerism Clothing and culture Food Science and Technology
SECTION 5 Management of Special Events Fashion for the individual and the home Kitchen Design and Equipment Management
SECTION 6 Work, Careers, Employment Opportunities and Leisure Fashion Sketching, Drawing and Pattern Development Consumerism and Purchasing of Food
SECTION 7 Housing and the Environment Construction Processes Food Management, Preparation and Service

NOTE: The SBA for the Home Economics cluster will be returning to the use of three (3) assignments instead of two (2) which were used in 2020-23.