Early Release of CXC® Results

Early Release of CXC® Results

CXC® Issues Early Results Release Request Reminder to Candidates

The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC®) wishes to remind candidates that they may request Early Results Release for tertiary institution applications. This process allows results to be sent quickly to universities or colleges when preliminary exam results are released.
To submit a request for Early Results Release, kindly apply for a Transcript via the usual process through this link >> https://www.cxc.org/request-transcript-order-form. If you have not registered for an account on cxc.org, click the ‘Register’ tab and then complete the transcript request form. If you previously registered an account on cxc.org, please enter your credentials to log in on the ‘Sign In’ tab and complete the transcript request form.
During the checkout process, in the notes section, please indicate that it is for ‘Early Release’ to allow for expedited processing. Kindly note that the deadline for submitting Early Release Requests is 17 August 2023. Remember – transcripts can only be delivered to organisations like educational institutions, evaluation agencies and prospective employers – not individuals.

About CXC®:

The Caribbean Examinations Council® (CXC®) was established in 1972 under Agreement by the Participating Governments in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). CXC® assures the global human resource competitiveness of the Caribbean through the provision of syllabuses of the highest quality; valid and reliable examinations and certificates of international repute for students of all ages, abilities and interests; services to educational institutions in the development of syllabuses, examinations and examinations’ administration, in the most cost-effective way.

Additional information about the Caribbean Examinations Council® can be found at https://www.cxc.org/about/about-cxc 

*Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) is the trademark of the Caribbean Association of National Training Authorities. CXC® is one of the National Training Agencies in the Caribbean which awards CVQs.