CPEA Short Story Competition

CPEA Short Story Competition


The CPEA Story Writing Competition was conceptualised to provide pupils participating in the CPEA an opportunity to create stories that would be read by a regional audience of their peers. The project is aimed at identifying short stories, written by pupils, which can be used as reading materials by other pupils. By providing pupils with an authentic audience for their stories, they will become more motivated to write. Additionally, this activity provides an avenue to unearth pupils writing potentials and talents.

The stories are numbered according to their placement in the competition. We hope that you will enjoy them!

Competition Rules

Top 2020 CPEA Short Stories

CPEA 2020 Blue Donkey
CPEA 2020 Quarantine Finds
CPEA 2020 Coconut Woman
CPEA 2020 Chronicles of a Grenadian American Boy
CPEA 2020 Invisible Me
CPEA 2020 The Lifestyle and Culture of the Caribbean
CPEA 2020 Catherine Caronia
CPEA 2020 Beach Birthday
CPEA 2020 La Diablesse on the River Bank
Jacob and the Volcano
My Surprise Vacation
Our Tourism Experience
Hannah's Adventurous Christmas Holiday
The Woman of the Night
Jambo's Dream
CPEA 2020 We are One

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