School Based Assessment (SBA)

In 2011, CXC implemented an SBA policy that outlines the way SBAs should be conducted. The following are key components of the policy:

  • Group/team work of SBA should be encouraged and utilized where appropriate.
  • Students doing more than one subject in a cognate group (for example, the Sciences) should submit one SBA per cognate group.
  • Each SBA across levels should be of consistent size. Word count should not exceed 1000 for CSEC and 1500 for CAPE subjects.
  • The term School-Based Assessment replaces other terms used at various levels for internal assessment.
  • The use of portfolios, observations, learning journals, presentations, observations, peer evaluations and research assignments in the SBA should be endorsed and implemented.
  • Students should be allowed to submit SBA electronically.
  • SBAs for Mathematics and English will take effect from the revision of those syllabuses (Teaching begins in September 2016 and first examination in 2018).
  • A thematic approach should be employed in the development of SBAs.

Click here to access the CSEC SBA Do’s and Don’ts Manual and SBA Manual for Principals