Statement From the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC®)

Statement From the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC®)

Statement From the Caribbean Examinations Council

The timing of the examinations schedules was determined following agreement at CXC’sCouncil meeting in December 2021, by representatives from participating governments.  There are multiple stakeholders with whom CXC® has to consult and the published schedule for examinations reflects the best consensus attainable.  An adjustment to the schedule would destabilise the regional consensus.

Further, a delayed start to the examinations would negatively impact the date for the release of results, affecting candidates’ ability to meet the matriculation period for pursuing higher education at universities as well as scholarship application opportunities.  In addition, it will compromise the commencement of the next academic year and thus perpetuating the disruptive impact on the education system.

As it relates to the administration of examinations, the reduction to the SBA requirements in 2021 was maintained this year. In 2021, information was shared with all CXC® Local Registrars (within Ministries of Education) for further issue to examination centres and also uploaded to the CXC® website. In 2022, candidates were also given an extension of approximately six weeks for the submission of the School Based Assessment (SBA).

In addition to the reduction in the SBA requirements and deadline extension, the deferral strategy has been extended for use any time prior to the administration of the subject. Candidates will be able to defer to January or June 2023, whenever the subject is administered.