Food and Nutrition

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Food and Nutrition is a technical discipline that involves the study of food and its relation to health. Its purview is on the raising of standards in food science, food preparation and service. Substantial priorities are, therefore, placed on the development of competencies in food science, functional foods, food and nutrition technology, food production and security and food preparation. The emphasis of food preparation is placed on meal planning, preparation, service and analysis. Integral to these are nutritional principles and values, food habits, healthy eating and physical activity.

This syllabus in Food and Nutrition is designed to prepare students for employment in the rapidly growing hospitality service industry, to change attitudes and to empower individuals and communities to exercise control over their health. The syllabus seeks to provide problem-based and experiential learning in eating choices, weight outcomes, diet quality, prevention of increase in lifestyle diseases and staying healthy, rather than treating illnesses. In addition, the syllabus provides additional opportunity for access to an advanced standing in existing tertiary level education programmes, to allow graduates to enter the world of work and be better prepared to pursue a wide range of contemporary careers related to diet, fitness and well-being.

The syllabus consists of two Units, each containing three Modules. Students are required to choose ONE of the TWO Options in Unit 2.

Unit 1: Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition

Module 1 Principles of Nutrition and Health
Module 2 Food Selection and Planning
Module 3 Food Preparation and Service

Unit 2A: Nutritional Science

Module 1 Application of Nutritional Science in everyday life
Module 2 Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs)
Module 3 Nutrition throughout the Lifecycle

Unit 2A: Food Preparation and Technology

Module 1 Caribbean Food Ways and Food Systems
Module 2 Food Management and Technology
Module 3 Food Preparation and Service

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