Theatre Arts


Theatre Arts employs a variety of arts, such as, dance, choreography, acting, playwriting and directing. It also uses the crafts of the carpenter, painter, artist and designer, and the skills of organisation, co-ordination, and stage management of activities. Consequently, Theatre Arts also contributes invaluably to the creative economy of the region.

Dance and Drama are two major components of Theatre Arts. The third component, Stage Crafts, links Dance and Drama by providing the crafts and skills required for producing theatre. Thus, the Theatre Arts Syllabus is organised to be taught and experienced under three main principles: Appreciating and Analysing, Creating and Performing through Dance, Drama and Stage Crafts. As such, Theatre Arts should not be conceived of as three distinct disciplines. Rather, the Theatre Arts Syllabus has been designed to provide experiences that enable students to appreciate, create and communicate theatrical events with their minds as well as their senses, emotions and their bodies, thereby fostering self- confidence, self-discipline and self-motivation.

The Theatre Arts Syllabus is made up of a Compulsory Core, THREE Options and TWO Projects.

Caribbean Cultural FormsElements of Theatre Arts DRAMA 1. a. Drama Improvisationb. Playmakingc. Production


2. a. Drama Improvisation

b. Dancemaking

c. Dance Fundamentals


3. a. Drama OR Dance Improvisation

b. Stage OR Production Management

c. Stage Crafts – Costume or Set or


1. Critique And 2. Research Paper