Late Submission of SBA Samples

Late Submission of SBA Samples

In an effort to ensure that the principles of natural justice and fairness are upheld, the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) has taken a decision to allow schools to submit School Based Assessment samples that were prepared by students, but were not submitted by the 31 July deadline.

The decision was taken after appeal by some ministries of education. The Council notes that the matter is being adjudicated based on a special circumstance consideration bearing in mind the challenges arising from operational changes implemented in 2016.

CXC has requested that Local Registrars in affected countries submit SBA samples from the affected schools. In an effort to maintain the integrity of the examination grades and to ensure that the late submission does not provide an advantage to the candidates in question, CXC has requested that the following conditions should be met:

  1. That a larger sample comprising 20 additional SBAs needs to be submitted in instances where the total number of candidates from a centre is 20 or more,
  2. The work of the entire population is submitted where less than 25 candidates are registered at a centre.

The appeal made to the Council for hardship consideration did not fit within the specific articles of the Council’s hardship rules. Through increased stringent quality assured processes, CXC will ensure that candidates will be given the grade they justly deserve, while at the same time preserving the integrity of the Council.

The samples are to be submitted to the CXC Local Registrars’ Offices by Wednesday 14 September and to reach CXC Headquarters by Monday 19 September.

It must be noted that this matter has been adjudicated based on special circumstances, bearing in mind the challenges arising from operational changes and in no way sets a precedent for the future.

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