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Cape Results 2010

What date are they looking at to release Cape 2010 Results. Some persons need these results to start University abroad.


Agreed, it's getting really annoying to wait.

And most universities ... want results by Aug 20 something

it should come out in the second week of august

I need these results ASAP so I can start university in the UK...

The results are issued by the end of August.

do you no the exact date??

isnt it usaully released in the second week of august?

i belive they come out before the end of august i think it is in the second week of august

what are the CAPE spanish results like so far?

i belive they come out before the end of august i think it is in the second week of august

it should be very soon, i think probably in about 2 weeks. gosh it is really frustrating to wait...

i thought it was the first week of august

If i can recall I wrote Unit 1 of CAPE last year it came out a week before CXC so if CXC comes out the 3rd week of August then CAPE is usually released during the second week. But this is really Annoying they should always have a set date when reults are released.

I totally I agree I have until the second week of August to produce those results.

is it really at d end of august or the 1st or 2nd wek of august??????????? sum1 clarify plz. thks

the end we need it now...... to go to college

isnt it usaully released in the second week of august?

Yes the results, should be issued in a couple of weeks. We say by the end of August to allow for any unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, once we issue the results to the various territories, the ministry then distributes to the various schools (this is dependent on there policies and how they chose to distribute the final grades to students)


I heard from a very reliable source thatt results would be issued either by the end of this week or early next week :) Goodluck everyone!

cxc results coming out next week....

i need to know when CXC CAPE results will be released!i heard that it would be released on the 5th and the i also heard it would be released on the 11th! can someone please tell which is it or when n it will actually be released! PLEASE!!!

Thank You!

Is it coming out this week or next week??


is cape results really coming out on the 13th of august?

The results should be out a within a week or so of that date.

what do i need to get distinctions or 1's ???

The council does not give cut off marks for the papers. However, you can reference this link to get an idea of how the marks are assessed.

a grade 1 usually depends on the overall performance in the subject that year it can fluctuate. the standard grade 1 is usually 80%. HOWEVER if the exam was a bit difficult(ie alot of people failed and attained low grades) then for that subject the marks required to attain a grade 1 may BE VERY LOW. on the other hand if the exam was very easy(ie alot of people passed and attained high grades) then for that subject the marks required to attain a grade 1 my be very high

well i am actually tied of checking the net every second for update of this cape reults, that i just decide to wait and see what them slow coach will do. just imagine other islands done get their results. forever trinidad will be backwards.

You guys should all be patient and wait on the council to produce those results. I know it may be hard to wait but a great deal of patience should be exercised. I have friends who were really anxious about results and performed terribly. At the end of the day I always tell students... "Expect the worst and hope for the best". Its better to be pleasantly surprised than hopelessly disappointed.

when is cape results really comming out?????????

Getting your CXC/CAPE results online would be very easy, Enter your candidate number, school number and the year you wrote the CXC/CAPE examinations into a simple web form on the Ministry of Education's website or the Caribbean Examinations Council offical website in a secure area and then simply click view. This would bring up your results for you anyday and anytime. No names would be posted, just numbers you and only you would know. That would be great wouldnt it?

I for one totally agree with this suggestion. I trust and hope that the CXC officials put some serious consideration into an idea like this. It would be especial beneficial to students who don't have immediate access to their their respective schools to collect their results.

CXC should really do that...cuz they just site there and eat people money not trying to make CXC more advance wit the money they making.. that dont take time...

yea dat wud be really great

Well we are going in the second week of august. so lets see, wishing u guys all the best

i cannot wait for result to come out

so do i stand correct that results will be published between the 9th to 13th???

CAPE results will be distributed to local governments on 10.08.10, the CSEC results will be distributed on 17.08.10, CCSLC on 24.08.10, and CVQ on 31.08.10. The varying governments will then utilize the processes they have in place to pass on these grades to all students. We continue to thank you for your support, and trust that you all did well on your exams...

Since the results are going to be distributed tomorrow to the local governments of the Caribbean countries would it be accessible online from tomorrow?

how to access it online?

So why do they have to take so long to release them?
They get them on the 10th and release them on the 17th? So if I call the education department would I be able to get them before the release date?

And I do think there needs to be an online source put in place to get these results form the CXC base.

Why do we always have to be 1910 in 2010 in the Caribbean (Trinidad)?
In 2010, we still begging to know when a simple result will be released?
Why can't there be a structured approached to anything on these islands?
When the developed countries say we have grass skirt mentality, we become offended.

But you know what, the "blue eye boys"/connections/money, they all know when results would be out.
They have a direct line to information in this Kingdom of Trinidad.
Why? so they would eb one step ahead of the others. They could apply and organize before everyone. Funny thing - most of them dont't need to, they have enough money not to go to school.

So ye lesser mortals/ ye pesants msut wait until the Lords at CXC and the Ministry decide to pass on their horse sor send out a messenger to inform you.

stay in your cottage or in the fields and work until the master is ready for you.

This country/caribbean will not be ready, even with all the technology available, until 3020 (possibly).

Let us now retire and light a fire to gods at the CXC/Ministry and hope our prayers will be answered, at least a date would be announced.

See release dates posted below.

what is the preparation made for those affected by the unrest, persons were seriously affected and the grades are needed for university and scholarship application. no has said any thing and the students are ignorant as to what steps to take

The Council has procedures which have put in place to ensure that candidates are not disadvantaged by those events. They will receive their results in due course.

i heard it will be coming out on the 12th or so...

See the result dates posted below

you guys need to relax,,, you cant do anything about it... you just have to wait
stop stressing, pick up the pieces when u get ur results, stressing from now will only negatively impact on you all... i'm a year 2 cape student waiting on my results as well,
bt i realised it makes no sense getting all excited. it will come out soon.


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