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The information Technology SBA requires that we perform a query in the database which "calculates the sum of the deposits to be refunded to each party (only candidates who received 20 percent or more of votes are eligible for refund); and shows the party name, acronym and sum refunded to each party." It is very difficult and I was wondering if any of the students/parents/examiners here could render some kind assistance.

Secondly, I was browsing through some search suggestions on Google and I noticed a site mentioning that CSEC students were giving Trace Tables which "were not required" as part of a report from CXC. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons (internet) I was unable to read further. Since the SBA requires that we "design and execute a trace table that accepts vote data at a polling station in a constituency. Data should include special votes, general (valid) votes and spoilt votes. Votes should be cast fort any one of four parties, DAP, WNA, UPM or PDR. The table should trace the increment of each vote category and determine which party secured the majority of votes. The table should have at least ten iterations and should end when a specific value is entered." I was again puzzled as to why the SBA would require such a task if it was not necessary. Kindly offer some assistance to clear up any misunderstanding on my part or some guidance.

Thanking you in advance.


Artilecs like this just make me want to visit your website even more.

i need a sample of the s.b.a ):::::::::::::::::::::

Hi there, for assistance on SBA, kindly consult your teacher for guidance or review the syllabi.

Hello, for full requirements of the SBA. What is it exactly? Is it a project whose topic should be administered by the teacher or can a student develop a topic around such a project? I noticed about 4 testing areas Word, Excell, Database, Programming. Is this topic administered by the teacher or by CXC?

School Based Assessment/Internal Assessment is a mandatory component in most of the CSEC and all of the CAPE syllabuses. If you are registered to submit SBA/IA and do not submit this component for the examination, you will be reported “Ungraded – SBA/IA component not received”.  An Alternative Paper to SBA/IA (normally referred to as Paper 3/2 in the case of CSEC and 3/B in the case of CAPE) is available to candidates registered at private centres.  Candidates who are eligible and who opt to write the Alternative Paper are not required to complete the SBA/IA requirements.
Kindly contact your teacher for further information.

I am a student, whose about to write cxc soon but can't get this IT sba correct and fully completed. My school choose the housing community topic, and my classmates and I are clueless of some things, we don't really have an IT teacher so that questions out. So can u please help me, by helping me you would also be helping my classmates too.

Hi there, for assistance on SBA, kindly consult your teacher for guidance or review the syllabi.

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